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Our Story, Our Jewelry

Our Story

I have always loved travelling. It’s taught me the value of being exposed to different cultures, meeting new people from different walks of life, and experiencing the rare life lessons that ultimately shape the person you are.

Having lived in many different countries throughout my life, I’ve been lucky enough to encounter these enriching experiences. Looking back, I consider the time I spend in Cape Town, South Africa, some of the most influential to the person I’ve grown into—going so far as to be the inspiration behind my brand. With its astonishingly tall mountains, tranquil sunsets, and majestic oceans, it’s so easy to stop and behold the beauty of your surroundings.

Throughout my time in that breathtaking country, their national flower, the Protea flower, became a very big symbol of hope for me. Protea represents change and courage, which were all things I experienced and needed during my stay there. These flowers stand for diversity, courage, daring choices, and transformation. Gifting someone the flower is considered a symbol of courage.

Our Jewelry

There’s always that magical feeling when you find that unique piece you’ve been searching for. Our pieces are bold and daring, giving you the radiance and confidence you can use towards moving mountains!

To say the least, the Protea impacted me immensely and I wanted to share jewelry that encapsulates the essence of this striking flower. This is ultimately how the brand Protea Jewelry came to be. Our intention is to encourage each individual woman to be brave and challenge the obstacles that may face you along the way.

We are known for our designs inspired by nature using sterling silver and bijoux, both extremely beautiful and versatile metals—perfect for any occasion. So, take a look around and find your next journey influenced by Protea.