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Bohemian style colorful hand braided macrame bracelet ending with silver clasp.
Bohemian Bracelet

Bohemian Bracelet

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The word “bohemian” describes a person who is socially unconventional, often in an artistic way. This bracelet has been inspired by this concept and way of life which represents those who are open minded thinkers and those who don’t easily give into the social norms of society. We hope that this stunning necklace will be a daily reminder to be free-spirited and a believer of freedom, love and truth. 

  • Material: Handmade custom design silver clasp, chain is hand braided nylon string.
  • Size: Once this item is added to your cart, you'll be prompted to add your measurements for your custom piece in the Special instructions section on Your cart page before the checkout.
  • Custom orders will arrive within 2 to 3 weeks.

How to Measure Your Wrist for Your Custom Fersknit Bracelet: 

soft tape wrapped around wristWrap a soft tape measure around your wrist, without making it too tight—just comfortable enough for how you would like your bracelet to sit!   
red yarn wrapped around wristIf you don’t have a tape measure, use some yarn or string lying around the house while applying the same technique. 
Measuring the yarn with rulerFinally measure the yarn with a ruler!