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Rose gold plated silver necklace with Fleur-de-lis pendant with black zirconia stones.
Rhodium plated silver necklace with Fleur-de-lis pendant decorated with white zirconia stones.

Fleur-de-lis Necklace

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The symbol that can be seen in this necklace, fleur-de-lis has been inspired by the beautiful flowers along the Lys River in France representing the captivating French culture. It has become very popular over the years especially in architectural designs and art, due its overall majestic look. There is also a strong sense of harmony in this necklace because of the symmetry and balance of the design. Not only is it the physical looks of the design that makes it so significant but the deep historic meanings behind it is what truly makes it interesting and special.

  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver necklace decorated with zirconia stones.
  • Color: Rose gold plated over silver, rhodium plated.
  • Size: Chain is 18 inches (45cm). The pendant is 3/4 inch (1.8 cm).