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925 sterling silver, rose gold plated Greek design earrings with white zirconia stone.
Silver Greek design earrings on a model.

Greek Design Earrings

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The Greek meander or key which makes up a majority of these pieces symbolizes eternity, unity and the eternal flow of things. The patterns on the earrings are a more simplistic version of the Greek key which was one of the most important symbols in Ancient Greece, appearing in the form of a labyrinth. These rose gold plated earrings have a glimmering white, zirconia stone in the middle as well, which makes them a perfect for both everyday wear and you can combine them with second hole earrings. 

  • Material: 925 sterling silver rose gold plated, the stone is made of zirconia. 
  • Color: Rose gold. The stone is white.
  • Size: The size of the earrings is 0,3 inch (8mm).