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Jasper stone necklace close look
Jasper stone necklace complete look.
Jasper stone necklace on a dressmaker.
Agate necklace on a model
Agate and Jasper stone necklaces on a model.

Natural Stone Necklace

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This stunning stone necklace is definitely the right addition to your outfits and jewelry collection with its neutral, down to earth colors. The circular stones are linked together by a knotted light brown string. The beige one is made of ‘Jasper’ stone, and the cinnamon stone is called ‘Agate’.

  • Materials: Natural stone beads, beige one called ‘Jasper Stone’, the cinnamon is called ‘Agate Stone’, and the chain is made of durable string.
  • Length: Chain is 12 1/2 inches; stone beads are 1/2 inch diameter.
  • Color: Cinnamon and beige.