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Rose gold plated over silver necklace with evil eyes pendant. The half of the chain is made with crystal beads.
Rose gold plated over silver chain necklace with evil eyes pendant.
Twinkle Eye Necklace

Twinkle Eye Necklace

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This necklace is one of the many extraordinary variations of the evil eye amulet, and has a lot more of an abstract look to it then your classic evil eye necklace. The unique chain of this necklace leads to a miniature circle from which the evil eye pendant suspends down from. The pendant itself is made up from multiple evil eye symbols and has tiny, ocean blue zircon stones which add a beautiful touch of colour to the necklace. 

  • Material: 925 sterling silver, the chains are rose gold plated. The beads on the           half of the ‘Navy Blue Twinkle Eye’ necklace are crystal, and the stones on the evil eyes are made of zirconia.
  • Colour: The metal parts of the both styles are rose gold, the beads on ‘Navy Blue Twinkle Eye’ are navy blue, the zirconia stones for both of the styles are navy blue as well. 
  • Size: The size of the ‘Twinkle Eye’ chain is 19,5 inches (50cm), ‘Navy Blue Twinkle Eye’ chain is 16,6 inches (42cm+5cm) and the sizes of both pendants are 1 inch (2,5cm).